We fly in day-old chicks straight from Sabres, France to be reared as breeders at our local farm.

Eggs produced by our first generation in-house breeders are handpicked to be hatched, to ensure the optimal quality of our hatchlings. The rest of the eggs are sold off as table eggs.

We believe in responsible agricultural practices, which is why we allow both male and female hatchlings to be reared, albeit separately.

We separate our hatchlings before sending them for spray vaccination against commercial diseases.

The chicks are housed comfortably in sheds equipped with warmers to protect their immunity system.

Their litter is also regularly changed to prevent the build-up of ammonia, which damages their health and eyesight.

For the first ten days of their development, we feed our chicks a special in-house formulation of pre-starter feed, consisting of a nutritious blend of milk, natural amino acids, corn and soy.

After they have grown, the chickens are allowed to roam freely in spacious pens with plenty of natural light and elevated perches. Our staffs enter the farm daily to clean the area and encourage movement within the flock.

Chickens from 10 to 30 days old are fed through an automated feeder, which provides a mixture of corn, soy, vitamins, organic selenium, orgacids, origadia and glucosamine. We do not administer any growth promoters to our chickens.

In their final stage of growth, our chickens are reared on raised floor poultry farms, which minimises ammonia levels and prevents blisters and damaged feet.

After 60 days of growth and above, our chickens are available for sale. They are sheltered in well-ventilated poultry farms with raised floors that have a stocking density of 10 chickens per square meter, a very comfortable difference from the RSPCA maximum of 19.

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